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SERVICE is in our DNA


When we visualize a project, we always wear three hats: those of an an operator, an owner and a  guest. We plan efficiently so the facility can make more profit, keeping the operator happy. We always design to budget using minimal capex, ensuring that the owner gets quicker return on investment. Every scenario always keeps the guest experience in mind, so that customers are delighted whenever they visit. 


We use our operational knowledge as hoteliers to translate a drawing from paper into a real-life work environment inside a hotel.


Our idea is to break the barrier between chefs and diners, because the next generation of hospitality will be interactive as well as intuitive. Our projects are vastly diverse in terms of budget and style. Some of our projects have won recognition worldwide not just because of our quality of work but also our ability to respond to dynamic, fast-paced and ever changing culinary trends in a competitive environment.

We are quick to adopt new technology and materials to ensure afunctional space at the lowest cost to our clients. 


We are hoteliers, and service is in our DNA. We are passionate about learning and working with projects which will continually raise our standards as well as redefine best practices in the hospitality industry. In the past decade alone, we have redefined ourselves many times over to reflect our expansion into the entire F&B process from planning back-of-house facilities to the design of new F&B concepts from scratch.

We are an owner-led company committed to our clients. We are hoteliers and hotels is the only language we speak!


HCTS stands for Hospitality Consultancy & Technical Services.

We assist clients to plan, develop and implement successful F&B venues. We have worked on 5 continents and we are in a time zone near you. 

Since we started in 2004, we have supported projects in 37 countries with 31 different operators.


Our project list includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, airports, theme parks, hospitals, shopping malls, retail, food-courts, cinema multiplexes, golf clubs, nightclubs, universities, schools, QSR, entertainment  venues, and multinational corporate HQ.


If your building has an F&B, laundry or waste management component, we can help you save money. 


We provide cost-effective and practical F&B concepts as well as turnkey design solutions for projects requiring specialized expertise in commercial kitchen, laundry and waste management. Our solutions are always designed to meet the client's budget.

Value engineering is built into our DNA, we can save millions in capex for your project.

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