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Ryan Gazder

Rocket Scientist

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Ryan has been part of the founding team since the company’s inception in 2004. 


With a technical background in rocket science & aerospace engineering, we don't know what he's doing in F&B and hospitality operations; but he has been responsible for phenomenal growth of our company and portfolio of iconic projects in 37 countries.

Andrea Karidis

Culinary Wizard

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Andrea is our in-house chef and culinary director. She has been brought up in the restaurant business from childhood. She’s also the host of a popular foodie TV show aired in 27 countries across the MENA.

Cooking delicious food, meeting new people and trekking the globe spreading humanitarian awareness are what drives and inspires her each day.  

Saman Sheikh

Project Manager

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Saman is the most resourceful manager in our team. She has powerful organizational skills which make her very well suited to a design management role.


She is a  qualified professional interior designer who’s been living in the UAE since 1987, and she has received her degree in Interior Design from the American University in Dubai.


We are in 46 Countries on 6 Continents

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