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Because it is.

We care about our clients’ success like it is our own.

And we get that.


Rohit Puranik

Country Director

Rohit is a technically qualified and experienced person who is well networked in F&B and Hotel industry across India with a solid background spanning several decades.


He has a deep understanding of operations as well as diversified experience in planning, designing and execution of commercial kitchens for institutional, retail and hotel projects.

P. H. Gazder Director HCTS (

P. H. Gazder 

Director & Founder

Purvez is a career hotelier and co-founder of the company with vast hands-on experience as a planning consultant. Thanks to his advice, clients have saved millions in capex on large hotels.


He has worked with global hotel brands across the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia making him an authority on hospitality operations and a well known figure in the hospitality and catering business.

Shivali Puranik - Resident Manager HCTS (

Shivali Puranik

Resident Manager

Shivali is our resident manager and she works closely with our clients based in India. 

With almost a decade of career experience in the hospitality and retail industry with a specialization in high value project procurement, she has excellent project management and coordination skills which help our clients in 44 countries across 5 continents save millions in capex.

Sanjay Sutar - Design Manager HCTS (

Sanjay Sutar

Design Manager

Sanjay originally joined our team in 2008 to support us with design development for various hotel & resort projects in India & other countries in the Middle East.


As the seniormost member of our global team, he currently heads our design production team and CAD back-office that provides global technical support to our clients in 44 countries.

Abhijeet Pawar Project Manager HCTS (

Abhijeet Pawar

BIM Associate

India Flag

Abhijeet is an interior designer with the soul of an artist. He has a culinary flair  which is evident from his approach to site work and project management.

He holds a degree in Animation, and is also a versatile and proficient 3D modeler with several years of experience in kitchen and BoH facility planning for various projects.

Robert SS HCTS (

Robert S.S.

BIM Associate

Robert supports us with BIM and all related technical development standards required for modern design development in the architecture and construction industry.

He currently leads our BIM and Revit/3D production teams that provide timely design support as well as technical solutions for  our ongoing projects across the world.

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