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Waste disposal is a problem that demands immediate attention. It is a challenge to meet demanding regulations while effectively managing operational costs in this (typically) non-revenue producing area. In addition to correct waste disposal, a proper plan should also include recycling programs and effectively reduce the volume of waste.


HCTS can provide solutions to ensure that the flow of waste from its production area to its disposal is well planned in a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner as per local regulatory laws. 

The incorporation of sustainable foodservice practices is a fundamental part of our management advisory and facility planning services. We incorporate initiatives that conserve natural resources and minimize carbon footprints in all our projects.


We promote operating practices that reduce and divert waste out of the garbage stream; foster energy and water conservation; source efficient equipment; and educate our clients on best practices in the industry. 


HCTS provides full analysis and strategy on waste separation and the specification of eco-friendly equipment in kitchens, bars and laundry which comply with green standards as well as local authorities.


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