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Because it is.

We care about our clients’ success like it is our own.

And we get that.

Ryan Gazder (

Ryan Gazder
Rocket Scientist

Ryan has been part of the founding team since the company’s inception in 2004. He is based in our global HQ in Dubai.

With a technical background in rocket science & aerospace engineering, we don't know what he's doing in F&B and hospitality operations; but he has been responsible for the phenomenal growth of our company and portfolio of 600+ projects on 5 continents.


He is also a paraglider & paramotor pilot, motorcycle racer, and an extreme adventure traveler who has been to 115 countries (and still counting).


Meddy Mrad
Architect & Builder 

Meddy is a chartered architect with a strong background in the commercial F&B industry. She is based in our office in Beirut, Lebanon.

She wears multiple hats to ensure that our project delivery team is always aligned with the Client's expectations. She believes in putting Clients' needs first and ensures that impossible deadlines are met with a smile.

She is a sapient trilingual polyglot who excels at developing unique F&B concepts.  She enjoys building metal models of world architectural landmarks and if we were to summarize her in one sentence, this would be it: 


Creativity is intelligence having fun!

P. H. Gazder Director HCTS (

P. H. Gazder 

Dreamer & Thinker

Purvez is a co-founder of the company with vast hands-on experience in hotel operations & facility planning. He is based in our global support office in Mumbai, India.


Thanks to his advice, clients have saved millions in capex on large hotels. He has worked with global hotel brands across the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia making him an authority on hospitality operations and a well known figure in the hospitality and catering business.

In hospitality insider circles, he is sometimes referred to as the Consultant's Consultant.


Preety Singh

Director - Legal & Contracts

Preety is a corporate lawyer with a background in M&A and legal practice. She has an eye for detail and ensures that all i's are dotted and all t's are crossed. 

She has experience structuring and executing legal transactions across multiple jurisdictions for large multinational companies. She is extensively well traveled and has been to some of the least visited countries on Earth! 

Young Businesswoman

This Can Be You!
CAD & BIM Associate

We are looking for someone with experience in F&B design to support our team in Dubai, UAE.


A technical background in interior design and engineering will be an added bonus. If you know Revit and are familiar with working in a BIM collaborative environment, write to us if you think you fit the bill.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and we encourage the differently abled. Age, location, gender, nationality, education, and orientation are not a bar for the right person (WFH available).

Sanjay Sutar - Design Manager HCTS (

Sanjay Sutar

Design Manager

Sanjay originally joined our team in 2008 to support us with design development for various hotel & resort projects in India & other countries in the Middle East.


As the seniormost member of our global team, he currently heads our design production team and CAD back-office that provides global technical services & support to our international clients across 47 countries.

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